Risk notification

The purpose of this notification is to provide the information about the "Top Traders" agency to the users of the site and the agency's area of responsibility and its customers.

1. Incorrect understanding of the project "Top Traders" agency.

The 'Top Traders' agency does not provide asset management services. Task of the agency - to help traders and investors to find each other and only.

The forms are available on the website because traders meet certain criteria and were able to show for a certain time a profitable trade with the observance of the rules of risk management. The traders whose profiles are available at www.top-traders.org site are not employees of the "Top Traders" agency, the agency partners, brokers, providing access to financial markets. The 'Top Traders' agency does not guarantee 100% of profit work on the financial markets, do not control their trading on the investors accounts and is not responsible for their trade on the financial markets.

2. The incorrect understanding of the relationship with the trader.

When an investor enters into a written contract with a trader, he employment him. Since this moment only investor controls the trader and the trader is responsible for any damages to the investor's account in the amount established by the contract signed by them. It is the responsibility of the investor to lock trader's trading losses if the last one allows more than stipulated in the contract between them.

3. Misinterpretation of the trader's profitability.

Тhe previous results, on which the profitability of the trader is build, whose profile is available on the website www.top-traders.org do not guarantee receipt of a similar profit in the same period of term. In other words, if a trader earned 500%, for six months it does not mean that hiring the same trader will earn the same 500% over the same six months. The profitability data reflects another - the fact that the traders demonstrated a high rate of return over a certain period, they proved in practice their skills, with a certain probability that in the future they will be successful traders. By entering into a contract with a trader, you are trying to take advantage of the successful trade of the trader's experience, but in the same time you share with him his own possible failure in trading on financial markets.

4.Interference in a trader's work that have been selected by you.

The broker chosen as the investor, as a rule, gives to the investor an opportunity to block trade of the trader, and also to carry out independently the investor of the transaction in the financial markets. Any interference in the trader's transaction (change of requests for closing of the transaction, closing the part of the position, the expansion of the expansion, and so on) immediately makes the corresponding transaction the transaction of yours. In this case, only you will be responsible for this transaction, the responsibility that is liable under the contract between the trader and the investor, do not apply to this transaction.

5. Risks of investing in the financial markets.

Investing in financial markets, in the Forex and the CFD particularly, characterized not just by high profitability, but also a higher degree of risk, as it implies transactions with leverage and may lead to the loss of not only the expected return on investment, but also to the loss of deposit.